My speciality is projects that require out-of-the-box-thinking.
I find that I am the most creative when I'm allowed to have loose reins within strict boundaries;
I like the problem solving aspect of having limitations.

- Jenny Persson on commissions

Artphoto (Konstfoto) Jenny Persson has been going since 2005, more or less being my only occupation. The years of experience has given me a wide range of skill sets when it comes to art, graphic design, illustration and photography.


I'm used to running a project from start to finish and I am happy to take on commission with anything from public art to workshops, company events, logotypes and product photography - in short, most things connected with visual communication.

Over the years I have become very much of an all-rounder. What started off as a weakness- not having enough money to pay someone to do work for me- has ended up being a strength.

Having that overall understanding is very helpful even now, when I don't do absolutely everything solo. In fact, these days I really like working as a part of a team with projects.

Hire me

  • Commissioned artwork
  • Creative consultant
  • Company events
  • Workshops
  • Graphic design
  • Illustration
  • Studio photography
  • On location photography
  • Short films
  • Architectural photos and illustrations
  • Art reviews

Computer skills






Dreamweaver: html, css, javascript


Premiere Pro